Only for Companion Animal.




Howly is a cosy pet bed for the home. It has a steel frame to provide sufficient stability. This can easily be removed for storage. The inner padding is made of waterproof fabric and offers protection against potential “accidents” the pet may have. The cover of the enclosed cotton cushion, which has even been scented to repel dust mites and ticks, is removable.

Statement by the jury of reddot award 2016

»With its equally stylish as well as high-quality design, the Howly pet bed is a chic addition to all manner of different interiors.«

As an in-house designers, Jung Geun Ahn and Dong Ryul Lim handed in their resignation at Samsung Electronics and founded HOWLPOT.

HOWLPOT believes in the idea that “the same design value used for products for humans has to be applied to the products for companion animals” Than’s exactly right. If you see their full range of products at, you’ll probably understand what it means.

As Korean pet accessories brand, it was not easy to make high-priced pet accessories. But HOWLPOT’s products are different from others. Their beds, collars, and accessories have been designed with your dog’s utmost comfort in mind, down to the very last detail. And whenever you see one of those products at your home, you feel comfortable as well. The fabric material and the soft colors should make you relax.


If you are the animal lovers, visit and pick something for your lovely pet.

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