Rainy Pot by Dailylife Lab


Rainy Pot: Now Your Flowers Can Have Their Very Own Rain Clouds



Korean designer, Jeong Seungbin from the DailyLife Lab came up with a brilliant little treat for the plants – the Rainy Pot. This wall-hung appliance has a cute cloud-shaped water filter that turns water into small raindrops.

Your beautiful indoor gardening wall plant pots have undergone a fantastic makeover by him in the form of this Rainy Pot.


It’s a stunning plant pot that has transformed the entire chore of watering your plants into a fun and visually pleasing activity.


The cloud can hold around 80ml of water and the little pot can be unplugged and drained. It is evenly distributed to the plant without overloading the pot, so the plant gets just the right amount of water.

The Rainy pot is simple to use and is a fun way to water your plants. Once you fill the cloud shaped basin with water, it will gently create a small rain shower for your plants and keep them healthily watered that way. It’s available in blue color and is a great way by which you can actually bring a special side of green nature inside your home. Let greenery thrive indoors with the classic spirit of nature by its side.

Rainy Pot began as an entry in the 2013 Red Dot Design Award event. According to Seungbin, “The gentle effect of raindrops is less stressful for plants than having a torrent of water poured on it from a cup” or basic watering can. Rainy Pot is cute, no doubt, but also stylish enough to merge into most any interior decor scheme.

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