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Non-electric aroma humidifier, LOVEPOT changed the world

A brilliant design with good intentions is always a winner. For the design part, LOVEPOT is a non-electric humidifier plus aroma dispenser. It includes a tissue ball made from laminated wool felt to maximize evaporation in limited volume. Another point in favor of the wool felt is that it absorbs water very fast, and launders well. For the intentions part: this about $30 pot is for the Nanum project, Nanum means “Sharing”, and where 100% of the profits go as a charity to provide educational scholarships to impoverished children. All of us should think about both design and our society. 





 The LOVEPOT is a humidifier which is clean, non-electric, eco-friendly and an aroma releaser.

It was designed for the “Nanum” project, which is a charitable project to donate all profits (US$ 1.0M) to educational scholarships for needy children.

1. Eco, hygiene-friendly: easy to clean, Healthy, non-electric humidifier.

2. Honeycomb structured tissue ball: non-toxic laminated wool used to maximize evaporation.

3. Symbolizing: a heart symbol shape of the tissue ball in a pot symbolizing planting, growing and bearing love.

4. Design social responsibility: a great example of charitable product design for philanthropic purpose.

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