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Clara puts earhoox to the test




For those with the new EarPods…

earhoox™ for EarPods (Coming Soon!)


Every supporter will receive…



Who are earhoox™ designed for?

earhoox™ are designed for everyone, with athletes in mind. The team took to the drawing board to solve a common problem, and focused on how individuals move with their music and their earbuds. We found that running, and intense exercise are a great reason pop in a pair of earhoox™, but that life is a great reason to keep them in. Whether wearing them for comfort, security, or style, earhoox™ will be there for you.

Where do I specify the color I want?

Please leave a comment with your color choice.

Where do I specify the clothing size I want?

Please leave a comment with your size choice.

What am I supporting?

The earhoox™ team has two goals for this project to fund. First, we plan to fund the production molds required to produce thousands of earhoox™ for the earhoox™ fan base! Secondly, we plan to fund the design and production of retail packaging that suits our brand, and that we would be proud to display on shelves in stores around the world.

How do earhoox™ work?

earhoox™ have two main features: the tire and the shark fin tip. Made of durable silicone, the tire stretches around any circular earbud to create a snug fit that keeps earhoox™ in place at all times. The shark fin tip comes in two sizes, Large & Small, which provides a flexible shape to apply outward pressure and traction to key points of the ear. Together, the tire and shark fin tip transform your ordinary earbuds and elevate your listening experience.

How do I know which size I am?

Every set of earhoox™ comes with a pair in both sizes: Large and Small. We haven’t found an ear that doesn’t fit one of these sizes! So when you receive your set, try on both, pick a preference and then share the other pair with a different sized friend!

“I love it, so what now?”

Jump over to the perks section on the right hand side. We have created a bunch of options for you, and we hope you find one that suits you as well as earhoox™ themselves will. If you don’t, and you have an idea or a request, just shoot us an email at answers@earhoox.com!


Anthony’s custom color, Fierce Red.

What are the risks?

We want our supporters to love earhoox™ forever…so we made sure to mitigate as many risks as possible leading up to our launch:

• earhoox™ have already been fully designed, prototyped and tested! We’ve seen how our ‘testers’ love them and we know you will too!

• Some of our testers have been consistently wearing their earhoox™ for the past 6 months with no signs of wear, so we know they can withstand a beating!

• We’ve developed a great relationship with our manufacturer during our exhaustive prototyping phase. They are ready to ship as soon as we hit our funding goal!

• Our manufacturer is prepared to fulfill our expected goal – but they are also prepared to fulfill a much larger order (while maintaining quality) if earhoox™ are a wild success!

• If any setbacks were to occur during the fulfillment process, we would keep our supporters very informed via personal messages and our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

With that said, we do believe our final challenge to overcome is getting the word out. earhoox™ needs to reach a lot of people to be successful. We’ve asked all our friends and family to spread the word, but that’s not enough. With so many great projects out there, we’re asking everyone to please share earhoox™ with your friends!

Photo Credits: Somar Productions and Promotions

Video Credits: Gravity Sleeps


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