Pen? Scissors? I WANT BOTH!

Pen and Scissors, that sharp meeting.
mininch Xcissor Pen.

sing me a song

Bluetooth speaker and 3-led lighting combined handicraft,
premium sensitive speaker, Jingoo.


Sing me a song

Focus on lovely cage, and the pleasant voice of dusky thrush Jingoo rescues you from outside world’s disorders and leads towards beautiful life. We wish that warmness in your home.

Pen and scissors, that sharp meeting

Xcissor pen does two tasks at a time. How can a tiny pen be multitool?!! Meet mininch’s sophisticated all-in-one system multi tools used in every-day life that gives feeling of modernity albeit metallic.

Amazing pocket tool

Where do you store your tools? Most people put them in the corners of storages, as it is uneasy and crude. Tool can be kept in a clear way too. Without hesitation, just take mininch multi tool out of your pocket.