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The Rhino Hammer is a brand new yet simple type of hand tool which allows you to adorn your creative lifestyle, solving little problems in your life when you need a hammer.  It is all about creating more surprises on using a hammer and having more fun.

‘Exquisite, unusual idea!’   ‘Cool tool that I need!’  ‘Best creative object for study room.’  ‘The Rhino has a sense of design.’ 

 Our goal is to make more tools to be loved and cherished as stylish object, create a unique pattern with great functionality as possible. Therefore, we convert the natural biology prototype into our shape and match with special mechanical structure.

The body of the Rhino is made of aluminum which is light and rust resistant. The ears part is made of rubber to distinguish it from the solid part, and gives it a sense of softness. The hamming surface uses stainless steel to strengthen the practical aspect and its stripes surface increases its quality.

The head part includes an extendable holder which can be pulled out from a strong magnetic snap. It can be extended by a clockwise rotate and stored by an opposite operating way.

The size of Rhino Hammer is much smaller than normal hammers in order to enhance its storage capabilities in the house or office as a stylish decoration.

You are going to have fun and be amazed by using Rhino Hammer. Also you may use the rhino as a bookend or paperweight since it provides enough weight.

We figured out that there are scenarios involving a hammer or other tools that we somehow took an inappropriate stuff instead but it didn’t work efficiently at all. Why is this situation happens? It’s probably that we don’t quite remember where we put last time and we’re somehow lazy to finding it out.

This is the main direction of our thinking …

One of the big ideas developing Rhino Hammer is that we realized it’s smarter and faster using the right tools and better it’s convenient to reach like other decorations.

So, to make the helpful tools more accessible in a obvious place, to change the destiny of easily missing for misplaced after helping us, and to provide you more choices for your personalize tools, we made Rhino Hammer.

 Unconsciously, it saves more money than you image of buying missing tools repeatedly.

We are ready to begin Rhino Hammer as soon as the Kickstarter campaign is approaching to the end. Production and delivery will take approximately 3 months.This is what will happen during that time: 

  • Week1-5: Production of tools.
  • Week 5-8: Producing and packing the Rhino Hammers. 
  • Week 8-11: Shipment to the USA and the world. 
  • Week 11-12: Dispatch rewards to our backers.

We have spent the past year developing production design, finalizing and improving the pattern of Rhino Hammer. What we provide is just a simple choice but what we have faith in of bringing you more fun on using tools and cheering your creative life.

As a new try, we need your support for Rhino Hammer to run in a factory, industrial tooling, packaging, and marketing. We want to share the nice change of combining tools with the creative idea. A reward as a sincere thanks you will receive Rhino Hammer at a special discount Kickstarter price. Also you may leave us your ideas to us for making us better!

1. Packs which contain one Rhino Hammer

2. Couple Pack 1+1 with Rhino Classic & Special Edition

3. Full Pack with Rhino Hammer of four colors

4. Commercial Pack with 6 four colors Rhino Hammer – total 24 Rhino

 5. Wholesale Pack with 24 four colors Rhino Hammers – total 96 Rhino

To thank you for supporting us to make Rhino Hammer move forward, we have super reward packs with great quality yet practical package for you as well as a cool gift!

 Thank you for watching!

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Choosing Your Reward…

We appreciate it if you are ready to choose your ideal reward and support us on this project, but first thing first, there are few things you may curious about. 
Generally, if the project is failed, Kickstarter will refund the correct amount to you and you are not going to receive the selected reward. If it runs successfully, after our funding period ends(Sept. 22th) we’ll then have option to send you a survey collecting information by your E-mail. As part of that survey, you’ll be able to add on “contact person,” “address” and “colors” all the shipping details, adding sponsorship and you may leave us notes if you have further requests.

And we are going to ship your reward by the information you have provided and ship them directly to where you want them to be and the person you want him to receive.
We thank you again for supporting us and your patience waiting. May the creativity always be with you!