Wood into Thirds Classic Wooden Leather Briefcase

$ 235.00

| Descriptions
“Wooden Leather Briefcase” is made of wood and leather.
‧ Blends seamlessly with all kinds of styles.
‧ Accommodates all kinds of personal items, such as a 14 inch laptop computer, camera, stationery, purse.

| Details
‧ Wooden Leather briefcase
‧ Pouch for briefcase
‧ Size 37.5 x 27.5 x H10cm / Weight  850g

| Brand
A great product containing a third of wood element would be sufficient. Combining that with other aspects is key to the perfect final product.



Wood Into Thirds Briefcase
“Wooden Leather” is made of wood and leather. Reward yourself by relieving from full of assignments, work, worries and complicated relationships.

Classic wooden leather briefcase is made of Italian vegetable tanned leather and North America’s black walnut.

The natural look of the leather and liveliness of the wood will bring you pleasant feeling of the nature.

01 | North American black walnut
Black walnuts are high-quality materials, usually used in North America and Europe. They are rare and grow slowly with solid texture. Black Walnut’s unique deep brown color gives it dignity and luxury.

02 | Italian vegetable tanned leather
Vegetable tanned leather is high quality leather and called “vegetable” because of the natural materials used in the tanning process like tree bark. Since vegetable tanning is a natural process, it’s also eco-friendly.

Classic wooden briefcase’s wood surface has been specially coated using natural wax oil to make it water and dustproof. You can feel the smooth coating as you touch it.

Leather, wood and production; each of these processes has different origins. The windingness, shrunking, thickness of the wood contibute to the combination; and after 1.5 years of research that perfect combination came to reality.

Having been combined, together, wooden leather endures 30-degree windingness.

After numbers of tests, common and safe size in 37.5*27.5*10(cm) ratio has been fixed, which makes the briefcase comfortable enough to serve for multiple purposes.

The briefcase is in the most rational size that can fit one 14 inch notebook, wallet, tumbler, diary and more. There is also a small multipurpose pocket and two more mobile-phone size ones inside.



‧ Body 37.5 x 27.5 x H10cm
‧ Material : North American black walnut, Italian vegetable tanned leather





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