Desk+1 Sweet Deer Hook

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| Descriptions
Deer head is a common decoration in the house.
‧ Hook on the wall.
‧ Imitate the reindeer head into our design concept.

| Details
‧ Hook 1 pc
‧ Size 48 x 38 x H59mm / Weight 21g
‧ Loading capacity 3kg

| Brand
Based on decades of experiences in metal crafts, Desk+1 develop with series of high end stationery.



Desk+1’s Sweet Deer Hook
Sweet deer hook is modern and Golden Pin award winning design hook.



‧ Body 48 x 38 x H59mm
‧ Weight 21g
‧ Loading capacity 3kg
‧ Material: Aluminium combination


1. Avoid using it on the bed and places where people can be damaged.
2. If the temperaturing is below 10 deegres, use a hairdryer to dry and use it.
3. Avoid attaching on heat, direct rays, fire and wet places.
4. Recommended to use on smooth surface as tile, wood, metal; pottery; Not recommended for glass.
5. Due to wall’s erosion, loading capacity may decrease below 2 kg or even less.


Operation Instruction
On the back of the hook there is sticking paper which can be removed easily; clean the place to be attached and press the hook for about 30 seconds and let it dry for 12 hours. Recommended to hang not more than 2 kg.



01. Gold

02. Sliver

03. Rosegold




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