iThinking Grassy Bamboo Plate (S/M/L)

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| Descriptions
Set free your loving pets in a field of green grass!
‧ Plate fits in as much types of items like tools, models, key, or toys…etc.

| Details
‧ Grassy Bamboo Plate 1 pcs
‧ Size Small L250×W160×H7 / Medium L350×W180×H7 / Large L440×W160×H7

| Brand
“iThinking” a creative brand from Taiwan, emphasis on self-awareness and reflect the love of the designer, providing practical small things of life.




iThinking x TOSMU Bamboo plate
Perfect collaboration between handmade woodcraft brand TOSMU and iThinking. Bamboo plate comes with artificial grass. It is a perfect space for putting display figures, tools or keys. It helps to boost your mood and make your space organized.



‧ Small 250 × 160 × H7mm / Medium 350 × 180 × H7mm / Large 440 × 160 × H7mm
‧ Material: Bamboo (wax treated) / Fiber plastic grass


Size options : Small / Medium / Large







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