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| Descriptions
Deer features beautiful and gentle characteristic, and is a holy animal that symbolizes power, longevity and good fortune. Deer has been gifted with their beautiful antlers which are the best conversion with pliers. The renew combination of eastern and western character creates the piece that shows uniqueness and beauty on tool.
Dear Deer for Desk is absolutely suitable for keeping as house adornment, upgrading s the convenience on using and storing. Besides, the metallic touch gives a low profile stability as well as industrial and modern feeling for interior atmosphere.

| Instruction
Dear Deer II is emphasizing on decorating and the diversity on storage, not only a base of pliers but also the paper weight and adornment on table.
1. Pull our pliers
2. Using diagonal pliers for DIY
3. Placing on anywhere for adding some feeling while not using.

| Details
‧ Body L65 x H145mm
‧ Weight 160g / aluminum alloy、420 stainless steel、TPR/PP
‧ Pliers Needle-nose/Diagonal-cutting

| Origin
Made in Taiwan




iThinking Panda Mama ratchet driver set
Watching that lazy and slow Panda gives you small sense of calmity.  It wishes you more calmity and a short break from your busy schedule.


We all want to keep our warm homes as pleasant as possible, Household things like hammer, driver, nipper are usually kept inside drawers and it is difficult to find them when needed.

What if we change the traditional way of storing household tools and place them outside of drawers.

Consists of both original design and function of tool. iThinking has been suprising the world with its products; it has developed over 10 designs since 2014. Products like Bear Papa driver set, Deer nipper, rhino hammer are shaping the design idustry and bringing new values to customers.

Lovely Panda Mama will be a great fit for your home interior design and be a healing for your day.


As everyone knows, pandas love bamboo!
Designers cleverly incorporate bamboo elements into Panda Mama’s arms. Holding a tangible bamboo is our well-known pencil. With invisible things, you have endless thought and creativity.


Is it really a ratchet driver?!
Panda Mama has total of 6 bits of all will be used in usual cases universally.

Let’s get to know more about it! Bear Papa driver set consists of 6 bits overall: 2 phillips, 2 slotted and 2 hexagonal bits.

Head part has a special ratchet part.
The body of the bear can be split to three parts: head, torso and feet. The ratchet screwdriver is settled with a magnetic bits holder of the head.



‧ Body ø 67 x 55 x H92 mm
‧ Grass stand(bit) ø 100 x H20 mm
‧ Grass stand(tape measure) ø 100 x H25 mm
‧ Weight: Body 185g / 117g / 113g


Operation Instruction


Offered in 3 different kinds


01. Panda Mama ratchet driver set – Black / Gray
( 6 normal bits + Bamboo design pencil )


02. Panda Mama driver set with additional bits – Black / Gray
( A perfect combination of design products: 6 normal bits + 6 precision bits + Bamboo pattern pencil + grass stand.)

Enjoy the additional precision bits down the grass stand!


03. Panda ratchet driver set with tape measure
( Enjoy even better look and use: 6 normal bits + Bamboo design pencil + grass stand + tape measure. Now, get a tape measure down the grass stand )

Press the iThinking logo to roll the tape back again.


Option (color)
Choose either of these cuties in black and grey colors.






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