mufun Wooden Animal Figures

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| Descriptions
Based on the traditional Chinese Zodiac Signs, in which we replaced it with the distinctive animals of Taiwan.
‧ Uses the innovated technique of an invisible magnet.

| Details
‧ Wooden Animal Figure 1 set
‧ Thoughtful blue pheasant Size150 x 75 x H120 mm / Weight 122g
‧ Gorgeous dotted deer Size 60 x 115 x H168 mm / Weight 122g
‧ Curious wild cat Size 55 x 113 x H100 mm / Weight 118g
‧ Busy hare Size 70 x 80 x H120 mm / Weight 124g
‧ Full Asiatic bear Size 100 x 60 x H120 mm / Weight 165g
‧ Sleepy polar bear Size 100 x 60 x H120 mm / Weight 165g

| Brand
Mufun Design Studio has dedicated itself to making the wood-craft an optimal delight by combining more fun and creativity.



Caring mufun animal figures.
Mufun design uniquely creates figures of endangered animals using the liveliness of Wood! Meet mufun animal figures.

Keeping the original wood texture and presenting the uniqueness of animals, mufun animal figures will be with you forever.

Features 01 / ECO-FRIENDLY
All mufun figures are made of jade wood and similar natural materials.


Features 02 / JOYFUL
The joints of figures are bounded through magnets making them easy to attach. You play with them by sticking them in different parts which creates new figures.


Features 03 / SAFETY
The figures has cultural meaning which encourages nature and animal protection.


Features 04 / UNIQUENESS
Due to limited production, 0nly 1000 figures are produced every year; and every figure has unique number encraved on them.


Thoughtful blue pheasant / Gorgeous dotted deer / Curious wild cat / Busy hare / Full Asiatic bear / Sleepy polar bear

01. Thoughtful blue pheasant

Blue Pheasant is a kind with deep and mysterious dark blue feathers. It lives in dense places or bamboo forests at altitudes of 1,800 ~ 3,300m above sea level, and is one of the endangered animals. Mufun decided to bring this animal to the “blue pheasant” to create a warm-looking figure with the original wood texture. With its unique geometric pattern and smooth curve design, it will company you forever.

‧ Body 150 x 75 x H120 mm
‧ Weight: 122g


02. Gorgeous dotted deer

Dotted deer is a type of deer with beautiful patterns that inhabits in Taiwan. In ancient times, these deer lived across various parts of Taiwan, and are becoming extinct due to destruction and excessive hunting. Only few have cared about these deer, so Mufun decided to bring this figure. The joints of the toys move naturally, you can also separate them to create different combinations. Hidden magnet makes it easy to attach and detach.

‧ Body 60 x 115 x H168 mm
‧ Weight: 122g


03. Curious wild cat

Known as wild cats, they are the cutest of the same type in Fomosan. The patterns around the cat’s body were simplified and recreated with unique points using European jade wood. The magnets have been made stronger than normal figures to make the joint move stably and smoothly.

‧ Body 55 x 113 x H100 mm
‧ Weight: 118g


04. Busy hare

Produced to encourage the protection of endangered hares. In order to make the lovely figure, mufun used their woodcraft skills to make Woolly hare, hoping that these figures would bring you warm memories about rabbits that you might have raised as a child.

‧ Body 70 x 80 x H120 mm
‧ Weight: 124g


05. Full Asiatic bear

Through the lovely and oval-shaped Asiatic bear’s look, mufun has brought a new figure: “Full Asiatic bear” to bring smile your faces. Inside the joints of the bear, there are magnets to attach them onto the body making them fexible to turn 360 degrees.

‧ Body 100 x 60 x H120 mm
‧ Weight: 165g

06. Sleepy Polar bear

‧ Body 100 x 60 x H120 mm
‧ Weight: 165g


New figure, Panda figure
You can make a Panda yourself by combining Polar and Asiatic bear together.

The Panda’s eyes are available on Polar bear’s package only.




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