mufun Wings of Pen-alone

$ 87.00

| Descriptions
Wings of pen-alone
‧ Providing Delightful Writing
‧ Also a display ornament

| Details
‧ Wings of pen-alone 1 set
‧ Includes ink refill 1 set
‧ Size 120 x 150 x H190mm / Weight  112g

| Brand
Mufun Design Studio has dedicated itself to making the wood-craft an optimal delight by combining more fun and creativity.



Wings Of Pen Alone
We decorate your table by bringing lively pieces of the nature as they are.

Inspired by a resting bird on a branch. Feel the love and softness of the “Wings of Pen” as you hold it.

The bird’s upper and lower body is made of different woods (walnut and beechtree). The finish coating is not done in order to keep the originality of the wood. The branch and stand are made using copper and walnut.

* Succulent grafting technique is used to bound the linking parts by avoiding glue sticking

Being solid, walnut is used for antique furniture and famous for its unique wood grain and color. Also, walnut is considered to be bearable for humid weather and flexible bending thereby used for musical intruments and craftworks.

Beech is a symbol of prosperity and luck. Its compact structure and excellent elasticity make it an ideal wood for bending. The beech forest is designated as a natural monument and is protected by the state.

Pleasant grip. Gives an indescribeable mood and satisfaction as you hold full on your hands. Try writing a letter to your loved ones with excitement on your hands.

On a specific blanced spot of the resting bird and branch there is a small magnet to enable tight attachment.

Inside the box we provide an ink refill; you could also purchase more refills, when needed.



‧ Body 120 x 150 x H190mm
‧ Weight  112g
‧ Material : Walnut / Beech / Copper


1. The wood grains and colors may differ from product to The other due to different usage of walnut and beechtree.
2. Due to being delicate and sophisticated craftwork, please keep it away from children.
3. Please keep it away from fire.




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