mufun Sunrise-Shaped Tape Dispenser

$ 47.00

| Descriptions
Tape Dispenser
‧ Also a display ornament

| Details
‧ Sunrise-Shaped Tape Dispenser 1 pc
‧ Size 115 x 55 x H118mm / Weight  206g

| Brand
Mufun Design Studio has dedicated itself to making the wood-craft an optimal delight by combining more fun and creativity.




Sunrise-Shaped Tape Dispenser

The yellow Sunrise-shaped tape dispenser placed behind the green hills is positioned to symbolize the sun, which is rising up, lighting and giving a fresh morning mood.

Practically useful and a elegant display adds great value to your desk.



‧ Body 115 x 55 x H118mm
‧ Weight  206g


Green / Yellow / Blue / Pink / Gold Dot



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