mufun Jewelry Holder Display muTree

$ 12.00

| Descriptions
Jewelry display tree Inspired by the outlines of ‘Chinese sweet gumtree’ tree in Taiwan.
‧ hang on different accessories on top
‧ The cross structure makes the tree more stable

| Details
‧ Jewelry Holder Display muTree 1 pc
‧ Formosa Sweet Gum Size 180 x 125 x H205mm / Weight  38g
‧ Deer Tree Size 173 x 75 x H185mm / Weight  32g
‧ Coral Tree Size 155 x 75 x H195mm / Weight  40g

| Brand
Mufun Design Studio has dedicated itself to making the wood-craft an optimal delight by combining more fun and creativity.




Jewelry Holder Display muTree

Jewelry holder display tree is inspired by the coral reefs in the sea.

Light and safe display item to hang small accessories like necklace, earrings or keys.

Jewellery tree looks even beautiful with accessories.



*Formosa Sweet Gum
‧ Body  180 x 125 x H205mm
‧ Weight  38g

*Deer Tree
‧ Body 173 x 75 x H185mm
‧ Weight  32g

*Coral Tree
‧ Body 155 x 75 x H195mm
‧ Weight  40g


Formosa Sweet Gum / Deer Tree / Coral Tree




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