mordeco Revov Coin Storage

$ 48.00

| Descriptions
Rotating the change box, the easiest way to help you get your change.
‧ Easy to open, patented magnetic rotating mechanism.
‧ Easy to put, funnel-shaped structure, easy to slip change.
‧ Suitable for universal coin sizes worldwide.
‧ Beech solid wood, natural and delicate, warm touch

| Details
‧ Revov Coin Storage 1 set
‧ Size ø110 x H80 / Weight 400g

| Brand
Named from our concept “more than décor” Which is to build designs not only decoration but also with additional features.




The most satisfactory spin coin box, Revov
No matter how technology evolves, we cannot avoid the existence of coins and have to organize it. However, most of the solutions are either inconvenient or ugly.
Therefore, we present “Revov Coin Storage”.

Coins go in just like water is poured. The surface narrows to the end like a funnel which makes it smooth for coins to find the holes in.

Revov is designed in a very simple yet creative way to bring you the most comfort. Very easy to open, just a simple move of your finger.

Move the lid either way, it closes smoothly; gives you satisfaction because you feel the sound, not hear.

Revov is made from beechtree. Beechtree is considered to be the queen and one of the most durable trees of the wood. Touch and feel these characteristics on your desk.
* The wood grain directions may differ depending on the material wood.


Golden Pin Design Award winner
Revov spin coin box has been recognized for its perfect design and quality and received Golden Pin Design Award.



‧ Body ø 110 x H80mm
‧ Weight  400g
‧ Material: Beech wood



Dark and light wood color options are available, which can be chosen depending on your home’s interior design. No paint coating has been done on them.







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