MOOY Clingman

$ 8.60

| Descriptions
Easy winding, storage wire, make life more tidy
‧ Can be fixed on the line, never lost.
‧ Flexible and strong, all kinds of wire can be fixed.

| Details
‧ Clingman Small Sloth Elasticity Cord 3 pcs
‧ Size 22.5 x 12 x 76mm / Weight  9g

| Brand
At MOOY, we focus on a hyper-connected, on-the-go lifestyle – URBAN FLUX – and present product offerings that solve problems typical to an urban lifestyle.



MOOY CLINGMAN – No need to detach from the cable anytime
Clingman is a quick cable organizer for your tangled wires. It is an east-to-use tool to make your day productive.

Cables everywhere!
Look around, you will see tons of tangled wires. They are of course useful yet too crowded and messy.
What cable is this? We waste time on finding the cable we want.

What if we seek a way to organize and look them better?
Therefore, we made CLINGMAN.

Not only cable but also try pencils and chopsticks!
The cable is too big? Connect two CLINGMAN for solution.

Possesses all original functions and design.
Forget the traditional cable organizers. Cuz MOOY provides hyper life style!

CLINGMAN’s appearance has been imitated by “Clingman” term in basketball, because when attached with cables, CLINGMAN looks like a Basketball player.

Also, the bright color of the CLINGMAN grabs the attention.



‧ Body 22.5 x 12 x 76mm
‧ Material: Silicon


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