mininch Xcissor Pen

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| Descriptions
Xcissor Pen is exactly what it sounds like – a compact pair of scissors concealed in an elegant executive pen.
‧ Functional & Flexible!

| Details
‧ Xcissor Pen Standard Edition 1 pc
‧ Ballpoint Refill Medium 1 pc
‧ Body Size  ø 13.8 x 140.8mm / Weight  60g

| Brand
Converging everyone’s profession & experience, mininch aim to create good designs for improved lifestyles, moving from concept to production.



Xcissor pen – Pen and scissors in one
Double-purpose, durable pen. Produces with warmity and lasts long.

Ever felt necessity for scissors? Xcissor Pen is ideal for carrying around instead of a regular pen for moments when you need to trim small things on the go.

Try the new experience with Xcissor Pen.


Stainless steel material keeps the blades look original forever It can cut through many materials such as paper, threads, cloths, leathers, wood chips… all normal duties with ease.
The scissors are inside the pen’s body that eliminates any risk of danger.

SUS420 stainless steel material keeps the blades look original forever.

mininch’s all products are produced making them easy to hold by both left and right hands.

Safe and simple cutting mechanism.

SUS304 stainless steel maximizes the capacity, and enables long lasting durability and serves just like fountain pen.

The strong body of the pen keeps the tool and ink cartridge safe.

Pen and scissors are perfect balanced that gives the best grip experience.

The ink cartridge is fit with internationally standardized D1 refill and can be changed easily.
The original product has “(Schmidt Mine 635 M)” on it.
* D1 International standard size (67mm / thickness – 2.3mm)



‧ Body  ø 13.8 x 140.8mm
‧ Weight  60g
‧ Material: SUS304 stainless


Schmidt Mine 635 Mini D1 Ballpoint Refill Medium – Black.
Possible refills
Cross 8515, Lamy M21, Mitsubishi SE-7, Zebra 4C, Uni



01. Silver – Silver blades (Nickel plated)
Silver Xcissor pen is nickel plated, that makes it good for cutting plastic bags and more.

02. BLACK – Black blades (Teflon coated)
Black Xcissor pen is Teflon coated that makes it good for cutting paper, thread and more.






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