mininch Spinner Drive

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| Descriptions
Screw driver ideal for repairing watch components, eyeglasses, electronic components, etc.
‧ Buttery Smooth Rotation
‧ Slip Resistance Grooves
‧ Torque Maximized Spinner Wheel
‧ High Hardness Tool Steel

| Details
‧ Spinner Drive 1 pc
‧ Spinner Wheel 1 pc
‧ Bits Storage Cylinder 1 pc
‧ Bits 10 pcs
‧ Spinner Drive Size ⌀12 x L91 mm / Weight 35g
‧ Spinner Wheel Size ⌀50 x L12 mm / Weight 17g
‧ Bits Storage Cylinder Size ⌀53 x L18 mm / Weight 18g

| Brand
Converging everyone’s profession & experience, mininch aim to create good designs for improved lifestyles, moving from concept to production.




Not simple as it looks – Spinner Drive.
Spinner Drive is a T-handle tool which carries basic, precision drivers.

Spinner Drive is a T-handle tool which carries basic, precision drivers.

Practical and well-functioned tool with unique design.



The ball bearing on upper end of the Spinner Drive facilitates smooth rotation.
Easily-rotated around with finger strength only!

The dimple on top allows you to rest your index finger and let the rest of the fingers do the spinning. Ideal for repairing watch components, eyeglasses, electronic components, etc.



The CNC Machined slip-resistant grooves on the screwdriver body provide better handling and prevent it from rolling away at the workplace.



Torque is the force applied times the distance from the axis you are rotating about. With the inclusion of our spinner wheel, the diameter of the handle is increased, thus allowing more torque to be generated. Ideal for repairing larger pieces like furniture, bicycle, home appliances, etc.



The standard quarter-inch hexagon bit holder when fully removed from the tool body, is compatible with electric screwdrivers for non-impact applications. When your human strength is lacking, leave it to the machines to pick up where you left off.


Changing between bits has never been easier. The built-in magnet allows a crisp snap-in action when inserting or replacing bits, which by the way, is one hand operable.

The spinning speed of the driver boosts as you rotate the spinner wheel. It helps you to easily tighten the loose screws.



*Spinner Drive
‧ Body  ø 12 x 91mm
‧ Weight  35g
‧ Material: 6061 aluminum, sand-blasting finish

*Spinner Wheel
‧ Body  ø 50 x 12mm
‧ Weight  17g
‧ Material: 6061 aluminum, sand-blasting finish

*Bit Storage Cylinder
‧ Body  ø 53 x 18mm
‧ Weight  18g
‧ Material: 6061 aluminum, sand-blasting finish, ABS



Option (Bit type)
Set – Standard Drive / Spinner wheel / Bit storage Cylinder / Compact carrying case / Standard and Tough bits(20)

01. Stand bits (high-intensity tool steel)
The standard version of spinner drive features S2 Tool Steel bits that are known for its wear resistance. It is also harder than the standard chromium vanadium bits. Coated with Manganese Phosphate, the chemical process provides extra protection against corrosion and wear over time.

02. Tough bits (higher-intensity tool steel)
The Tough Edition comes with SUS420 Stainless Steel bits with Titanium Nitride coating. Combining rust & corrosion resistance and increased edge retention, these tough bits are particularly ideal for applications that are regularly subject to high levels of humidity. The natural gold accent of the material gives a more refined look to the entire bit set.


Option (color)





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