iThinking Rhino Hammer

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| Descriptions
Rhino is an energetic boy who loves to break down obstacles and help others. We can see his shiny horns from far away.

| Details
‧ Rhino Hammer 1 pcs
‧ Rhino body 1 pcs
‧ Body L120 x W47 x H80 / Packaging L150 x W110 x H65 (mm)
‧ Weight 470g

| Origin
Made in Taiwan

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Hello, Mr. Rhino. Nice to meet you !
For us, tools are great helpers and are essential to our lives. However, since they are not frequently used, they are often consigned to a corner of our house and could easily be forgotten, especially when we need them. Try to think about that, where is the hammer when you need it most?
You don’t have to worry about this problem when you have a Rhino Hammer. Now, we are going to present Rhino Hammer to those who is full of creativity and imagination.

Story and Introduction of Rhino Hammer
The Rhino is a lively animal that loves to run over grassland every day. From far far away, you can see his shining horns. When hearing the sound of his friends, the Rhino would runs back to his friends and help them out from obstacles.

The part of rhino horns are made of classy metals. It not only emphasizes its uniqueness, but also reminds us about animal preservation and respect. The function of hammers could be linked with the Rhino’s characteristics.

The pose of front legs which is ready to run reveals its lively characteristics. Besides, it is more interesting to find out the rubber ears different from most parts made of hard materials.

When pulling out the Rhino’s head, the handle’s hidden extension is designed to fit with the actual usage and it can be used for all kinds of errands on daily life that require hammers.

Operating Instruction
1. Take out the head of rhino
2. Pull out the handle which is attached to the head by magnetic
3. Lock the handle according to the direction of arrow
4. Hold the handle and it’ s easy to operate

When you finished the errand:
1. Unlock the handle by the opposite way
2. Push the handle back to the head and it will attached by magnetic design
3. Put the head part into the body
4. You may put it anywhere that is easy to find next time when you need

4 color options : Black, Gray and White are classical colors, and there is Silver the limited edition.

There is a special edition in silver. The limited version of Rhino Hammer has no extra surface treatment, which remains the original color of the metal in order to show its uniqueness.





The body of the Rhino is made of aluminum, which is light and rust resistant. The ears part is made of rubber to distinguish it from the solid part, and gives it a sense of cuteness. The materials of the handle are of high quality and perfect for professional tools.

The hamming surface uses stainless steel to strengthen the practical aspect and its surface is expertly painted with a non-toxic material which is safe and is able to be stored in your house.


‧ L120 x W47 x H80mm / With package L150 x W110 x H65mm
‧ Rhino Hammer 1 pcs
‧ Rhino body 1 pcs
‧ Weight 470g



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