iThinking Rhino Hammer

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| Descriptions
Rhino is an energetic boy who loves to break down obstacles and help others. We can see his shiny horns from far away.
‧ A simple display figure in usual; and becomes a usefull hammer when needed.
‧ You may use the rhino as a bookend or paperweight since it provides enough weight.

| Details
‧ Rhino Hammer 1 pcs
‧ Rhino body 1 pcs
‧ Size L120 x W47 x H80 / Weight 470g

| Brand
“iThinking” a creative brand from Taiwan, emphasis on self-awareness and reflect the love of the designer, providing practical small things of life.




Hello, Mr. Rhino. Nice to meet you !
The Rhino is a lively animal that loves to run over grassland every day. From far far away, you can see his shining horns. When hearing the sound of his friends, the Rhino would runs back to his friends and help them out from obstacles.


Rhino hammer is a perfect tool to put on your desk.
For us, tools are great helpers and are essential to our lives. However, since they are not frequently used, they are often consigned to a corner of our house and could easily be forgotten, especially when we need them. Try to think about that, where is the hammer when you need it most?

You don’t have to worry about this problem when you have a Rhino Hammer. Now, we are going to present Rhino Hammer to those who is full of creativity and imagination.

Light body part is made of strong aluminium against corrosion.

Rhino’s ears are made of soft and light material that makes them seem real.

Head of the hammer is made form stainless steel which makes the hitpoints durable.

Rhino hammer’s heavy body enables it to be used as a bookend and paperweight.

You can extend the length between the head and knob after removing the rhinoceros head. Turn the knob clockwise to lock it, and vice versa to loosen it. There is a magnet at the end of the handle, so if you put the handle, it will stick to body, and it will not fall easily.



‧ body ø 120 x H47 x 80mm
‧ Weight  470g
‧ Material: strong Magnet, Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Rubber, stainless steel


There are three classical colors for option: Black, Gray, White.
There is a special edition in silver. The limited version of Rhino Hammer has no extra surface treatment, which remains the original color of the metal in order to show its uniqueness.


Rhino Special Limited!
The leather upgrades the quality and uniqueness. Aluminium holder and the carbon steel extension bar efficiently decrease the burden of holding and enhance the strength. Its surface is expertly painted with a non-toxic material which is safe and is able to be stored in your house.


Hammer cap set.
Rhino Cap set is the best solution to a great functional house tool also being a pleasing ornament!

Hammer accessories stand includes two caps: one simple rubber cap and one cap with stainless steel surface.







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