iThinking Giraffe Precision Screwdriver

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| Descriptions
She is Giraffe, contains 6(set : 14) commonly used precision driver bits which give her super power to take care of home easily.

| Details
‧ Giraffe_L56 x W42 x H139 mm
‧ Kilimanjaro_L85 x W64 x H40 mm
‧ Giraffe Precision Screwdriver Holder x 1
‧ 4mm, 28mm length bits (Giraffe : Total 6 bits, Kilimanjaro : Total 14 bits)

| Brand
“iThinking” a creative brand from Taiwan, emphasis on self-awareness and reflect the love of the designer, providing practical small things of life.




Giraffe & Her home precision driver set
Blends in the cuteness and practicality in one, she is Giraffe precision screwdriver.
It is a design tool that fits anywhere in your house. It it will bring a small but sure happiness to your everyday life.

Giraffe has a pair of playful ears, a perfect belly in good curve and many spots!
It contains the most commonly used 6, magnetically screwdriver heads in the body.

The partner of her is a surprising volcano” Kilimanjaro”.
It provides extra 8 different bits that can be revealed when pulling up the hilltop.Unlike its real look, we have made the Giraffe “precision screw driver.
Offers universal sizes; for glass, small scale electronic device and more.Professional work of design tool experts with over 30 years of experience in the field.
Although tiny in size, it brings huge contribution to your interior design.


Giraffe precision driver set
Giraffe contains 3 Phillips and 3 Slotted bits in its body. The body itself is made of high stiffness and environmentally-friendly PP material coated on TPR green rubber.

Note! Giraffe precision driver set!  Giraffe has precision bits that can be used for fixing glass, camera notebook, toys and more.


Giraffe + Kilimanjaro mountain set
Giraffe is motivated by the idea of Giraffe on Kilimanjaro mountain that represents Kenyans’ good luck; Kilimanjaro is located in nothern-east part of Tanzania.

Why Giraffe? Giraffe screwdriver’s look is very tiny with its cute face that brings smile on your face. Also, giraffe is considered as a gentle and warm-hearted animal towards people.

Always put the Giraffe screwdriver with her home, so that she wont be alone



‧ Giraffe ø 56x 42 x H129 mm
‧ Kilimanjaro mountain ø 85 x 64 x H40 mm
‧ Weight  65g / 54g
‧ Material:  420 stainless steel、TPR、PP、CRV


It provides extra 8 different bits that can be revealed when pulling up the hilltop.


Operation Instruction – Giraffebebe driver set
1. Pull out the head of the giraffe.
2. Open up the body and choose necessary bit
3. Put the bit inside the magnet.
4. Now you can use the driver!


Operation Instruction – Kilimanjaro mountain
1. Pull out the green head of the volcano.
2. Inside the mountain, you can choose necessary bits to use.


Giraffe screwdriver set – Yellowgold / Indigo / Navy / White

Giraffebebe + Kilinmanjaro mountain driver set – Yellowgold / Indigo / Navy / White







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