iThinking Brave Pal Cheering Series

$ 18.00

| Descriptions
Sometimes it is just not our day, but we can grab the mood first and fix the problems! Cheer up and get going again.

| Details
‧ Body x1 (∮80mm x 150mm)
‧ With Arrow-shape x2,Knife-shape x2,Plunger-Shape x1 magnets

| Brand
“iThinking” a creative brand from Taiwan, emphasis on self-awareness and reflect the love of the designer, providing practical small things of life.




Brave pal memo & name card holder
Look at the little Brave Pal on the desk while feeling down and depressed, how optimistic he is!

Learn to laugh and make fun of yourself, thing’s gonna go better. The arrow-shape magnet is like frustration. Killing the bad mood through shooting arrow to Brave Pal, trying to see things with some other point of view and we know we always can ease those negative emotions.

Don’t worry Brave pals are here for you!
I can take all your worries, sadness and unluckiness, because I am a brave pal!

In yellowish green cloths it reminds you the nature and pure energy. Boosts your energy with its positive and warm smile .


Memo holder
Brave pal’s components [knife, arrow, plunger] have magnets on them, so that you can attach them on its body. Here you can see 2 knives, 2 arrows and a plunger which help you to easily stick notes.


Name card holder
Brave pal has two shallow holes and one deeper hole, you can put 5-6 name cards and put several more on the small ones.


Mini Box
On the base of the Brave pal there is a space for storing the magnetic components and also clips.



‧ body ø 57 x H125mm
‧ Weight  380g
‧ Material: ABS / Magnet


Face Challenge-Hands up and ready to catch knife
Never Surrender-Burst into tears but still he laugh
I’m Champion-I am superman and I have confidence






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