iThinking Bear Papa & His Home

$ 47.00

| Descriptions
Bear Papa & His Home is a useful tool set and also an adorable decorative piece when not in use. Straight up the two stones at the back side can turn the set into business card or phone stand.

| Details
‧ Bear body ø 57 x H125mm
‧ Mountain L200 x W200 x H88mm
‧ 3 direction bear head ratchet screwdriver handle
‧ Small handle(in the mountain)
‧ 1/4″, 50mm length bits(total 21 bits)
*Notice! This white bear is provided with normal CRV bits, “NOT” gold-plated edition.

| Brand
“iThinking” a creative brand from Taiwan, emphasis on self-awareness and reflect the love of the designer, providing practical small things of life.




Bear Papa & His Home driver set
The extended editon of the lovely Bear Papa driver – iThinking’s Bear Papa& His Home driver set.
The the grizzly bear guards his green mountain and polar bear stands below the silver hill, like a peaceful view of fjord and nature.
It’s Bear Papa & His Home.
By layer, the close-up scenery looks simple, however back in a distance reveals the tidiness and a harmonious atmosphere blends cozily into the home.


Features 01 / FIGURE
It looks like a decorative toy on your table, and will serve as a perfect tool, when you need them.


Features 02 / DETAIL
Sophisticatedly-produced product.

Features 03 / USE AS A BIT
Can be used as a bit for devices, furniture, toys and even smaller items.


Features 04 / RATCHET
The real driver with a Ratchet. If you turn the black ring around you can tighten the screw without holding it with your hand.


Features 05 / USE AS A STAND
Straight up the rocks at the back side to make a business card or phone stand.




‧ Bear  ø 57 x H125mm
‧ Mountain ø 200 x 200 xH88mm
‧ Material: PP / TPR / Cr-V / S2

Bear Papa driver set consists of 6 bits overall: 2 phillips, 2 slotted and 2 hexagonal bits.

Bear Papa’s Home has 15 bits overall: 4 slotted, 3 phillips, 3 hexagonal, 5 star bits.
Bear Papa & His Home has total of 21 bits.

There is a driver handler inside the hill of the home driver.


Operation Instruction
1. Holding the torso, pull up the head of the bear to reveal ratchet screwdriver.
2. Securely holding the feet, pull up the torso to get to the screwdriver bits.
3. Attach the desired screwdriver bit to the ratchet screwdriver.
4. Rotate the black O-ring to control the direction of the ratchet to tighten or loosen screw.
5. Hold the grip and flex your wrist to operate.


Gray home set / Brown home set / Red home set / Black home set / White home set (limited edition)





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