Desk+1 Principal Ballerina Fruit Forks

$ 41.20

| Descriptions
By admiring the pose, the step, the jumping, Desk+1 take the silhouette as the design concept of fruit fork.
‧ Ballerina cutlery set

| Details
‧ Ballerina fork 6 pcs
‧ Size 30.6 x 1.2 x H120mm / Weight  8.5g

| Brand
Based on decades of experiences in metal crafts, Desk+1 develop with series of high end stationery.


Surpassing the traditional table ware – Ballerina Principal Ballerina Fruit Forks

High class design cutlery which presents the elegant moves of Ballerina. Meet 6 Ballerina motions in one set.

Surpassing the traditional designs, it is not only a table ware but a perfect interior design for any place.

6 Ballerina forks. Consists of 6 beautiful Ballerina poses.
* Ballerina cutlery set is a good use for eating fruits.

The surface of the wood frame is magnet which helps the forks to be attached on it.

On the back of the wood frame there are 2 hangers for easy hang on the wall.
* 2 Wall hangers + 2 screws



‧ Body 30.6 x 1.2 x H120mm
‧ Weight  8.5g


1. When opened, wash before use.
2. Wash after use.
3. Use only for its designed usage.
4. Be attentive when kids are using.


With its well-designed and high-quality package, Garden cutlery set can serve as a perfect gift.




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