iThinking Dear Deer II Pliers For Desk

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| Descriptions
Deer features beautiful and gentle characteristic, and is a holy animal that symbolizes power, longevity and good fortune. Deer has been gifted with their beautiful antlers which are the best conversion with pliers. The renew combination of eastern and western character creates the piece that shows uniqueness and beauty on tool.
Dear Deer for Desk is absolutely suitable for keeping as house adornment, upgrading s the convenience on using and storing. Besides, the metallic touch gives a low profile stability as well as industrial and modern feeling for interior atmosphere.

| Instruction
Dear Deer II is emphasizing on decorating and the diversity on storage, not only a base of pliers but also the paper weight and adornment on table.
1. Pull our pliers
2. Using diagonal pliers for DIY
3. Placing on anywhere for adding some feeling while not using.

| Details
‧ Body L65 x H145mm
‧ Weight 160g / aluminum alloy、420 stainless steel、TPR/PP
‧ Pliers Needle-nose/Diagonal-cutting

| Origin
Made in Taiwan





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