iThinking Dear Deer Antlers Pliers – Standing Deer (Single)

$ 51.00


| Descriptions
Dear Deer lives in the forest, has a gentle and attentive personality,
Unlike other small animals in the forest, we are all fascinated by his unique qualities.
Deer body is resembled in two positions,
Standing Deer stays with straight posture, revealing a confidence;
Sitting Deer looks lazy, but doesn’t lose its elegance.

| Details
‧ A needle nose pliers
‧ Deer a base body
‧ Body L115xW56xH202mm / Packaging L235xW145xH65mm
‧ Weight approximately 460g

| Origin
Made in Taiwan

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Best quality, Sitting & Standing Dear Deer
Deer was created with an intention of producing “unique product from others”.
We believe that design inspired by the nature best resembles greatness thereby we have brought sitting & standing Dear Deer.

Have you ever seen this much difference in deer’s horn?

Did you know that deer’s horn is soft yet strong.
Dear Deer is sophisticated-looking display product, also shows its strengths when needed.

Have you ever searched for tools from corners of your house? Have you also not put them back to their places? It was all before you had “Dear Deer”


2016 Gold Pin Award Winner

iThinking’s unique design tool: Dear Deer was awarded first place in 2016 Golden Pin design award.

Pliers/Nipper’s main body is made of stainless steel 420, the most optimal Anti-rust material. The handles are made TPR material for tight holding.



‧ Body ø 110 x H150mm / 115 x H202mm
‧ Weight  410g / 460g
‧ Material:  420 stainless steel、TPR、PP、Poly



Standing deer  – White / Black
( * This product is a standing deer! Please see the options for more )

Deers’ horns change to long-nose pliers and nipper.
( * Please note that pliers colors differ from deer to deer. )





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