iThinking Dear Deer Antlers Pliers – Standing Deer (Single)

$ 50.77


| Descriptions
Dear Deer live in the forest, gentle and attentive personality,
By other small animals in the forest of love, we are all fascinated by his unique qualities.
Deer body to streamline appearance shows two gestures,
Deer standing straight posture, revealing a confident and firm;
Sit deer seem lazy, but without losing elegance.

| Details
‧ A needle nose pliers
‧ Deer a base body
‧ Body L115xW56xH202mm / Packaging L235xW145xH65mm
‧ Weight approximately 460g

| Origin
Made in Taiwan

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Meet Dear Deer!
It’s all about creating more surprises and sharing the fun to home.

Inspired by many sweet houses, mixing the tenderness outline and hand tools in one, Dear Deer is the simple pair of pliers that could help you solving little problems properly yet adorns the place you love.


As Feature In

Designed with the full developed shape. Dear Deer laying and standing position with those antler pliers, revealing a unique softness, elegance yet strong personality to be a great item for the house and office.

Based on the consideration of house tools, the best level of stainless steel 420 are chosen to provide great antirust factor from the inside. Besides, the TPR handles gives more non-skid property and comfort while doing those DIY properly.


Design and Development

The Deer shape is a process of rebuilding and arrangement to make it the soft while stylish outline. As a result of we making the body and we really want those antlers to be in good use, thus we designed antlers pliers accordingly.The produce is tough for we are making it to be as good as other well-developed ones while beautiful at the same time.



Every Deer is protected in package design for safely shipping, suitable for no matter a gift or a treat for yourself 😉


The body of the pliers is specially made of 420 stainless steel materials for solidity and prevention from rust. It uses TPR to wrap up the handles to enhance the grabbing comfort and frictional strength when doing the job.
The combination of solid structure and soft materials has increased its sense of friendliness and soft side. The integration of pliers and deer’s body reveals the graceful design, which is not only practical, but also beautiful, promoting a higher quality of household life.



‧ Deer L115xW56xH202mm / Box L235xW145xH65mm
‧ Needle-nose Pliers x1
‧ Dear Body x1
‧ Weight 460g




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