DAQI JINGOO Premium Bluetooth Speaker

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| Descriptions
By bringing together an ambient light and bluetooth speaker, JinGoo is the perfect blend of Eastern aesthetics and superb sound quality.
‧ 3-way light level control LED light
‧ Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker
‧ The natural patterns and textures of the high-quality solid wood material

| Details
‧ JINGOO speaker
‧ USB charger 1 pc
‧ Cleaning brush 1 pc
‧ Manual
‧ Size ø 180 x H280mm / Weight  790g

| Brand
DAQI combine traditional craft and modern technology to create beautiful things for a modern lifestyle.




DAQI Concept JINGOO expresses sound of dusky thrush.
The ancient Chinese dusky thrush’s pleasant sound.

Features 01 / SPEAKERS
Jingoo features a mono 2-way speaker, the low frequency woofer speaker is positioned in the base structure and its sound waves are reflected by the ceramic tail of the bird. A wide stereo effect is created with the sound waves from the tweeter located in the bird’s body.


Features 02 / LIGHT
This 3-way light level control LED light can be used for both direct and indirect lighting and interior design purposes. In order to use the light, move the light controller on the base from left to right. Keep moving the conroller for adjusting brightness.

The 3-level adjustment system makes JINGOO a perfect interior design. Through the Bluetooth 4.0, you can bring pleasant melody to the environment.


Features 03 / BLUETOOTH
Jingoo is a speaker that can be easily paired with your devices. Its high quality sound performance is created by the tweeter and woofer drivers in Jingoo’s design. Push the bluetooth-pairing button on the base to connect. “JG-” letters should appear in your devices for connection.

Battery’s capacity is 4800mAh which lasts 25 hours for lamp and the speaker at a time.


Features 04 / HANDMADE
The body of the bird is formed from molds for production precision and fired in traditional kilns by the porcelain masters. The patterns for certain Jingoo species are created from a technique called “ceramic decal”, which requires an exhaustive experimental process to ensure that the decorations conform to the curved surface of the bird’s body.

JinGoo’s wooden base is made from the Acacia tree native to Taiwan, and is processed with specialized kiln drying techniques from an experienced Japanese sensei to preserve the natural patterns and textures of the high-quality solid wood material. The base of the white cage is made of Chines Fir, and black from Taiwan Acacia.


Frame is made of black and white metal that merges to the solid wood to the end. The frame gives unique feeling comparing to each type.

Hanging hook on the top makes the look of the cage natural, also enabling it to be hung on any place.


JINGOO is triple award-winner of incomparable design award and currently busying its spots in Chicago modern gallery, New York MOMA design store and LIGNE RESET DOMUS gallery in France.



*JINGOO Speaker
‧ Bear body ø 180 x H280mm
‧ Weight  790g
‧ Material: Plastic, Metal, Ceramic, wood

‧ Battery-Li-ion rechargeable/lasts 25 hours when fully charged/4800mAh

‧ Sound Amplifier power : 5w
‧ Drevers: 23.5mm Tweeter 1, 45mm woofer 1
‧ Frequency Response : 20Hz – 20kHz
‧ Signal-to-noise Ratio : >75dB
‧ Sensitivity : 82dB / 1m / 1W
‧ Bluetooth version : 4.0
‧ Bluetooth transmitter frequency range : 2.402GHz – 2.480GHz
‧ Wireless range : 10m

*Set – JINGOO speaker / USB charger / Cleaning brush / Manual



01. White Hwamei
『 White Hwamei 』  Also known as the “Bird of Luck” in Chinese folk tales. They are rare and precious, also sing very pleasantly, their elegant pure white color is a symbol of nobility.

02. L’oiseau Blue
『 L’oiseau Blue 』 From the French fairy tale, the blue bird’s story is one of the pursuits for happiness. Enjoy sweet dreams through white cage art.

03. The Phoenix
『 The Phoenix 』 Favored by the sun-god Apollo, It is born from the ashes, a symbol of eternity. It attracts attention with its special mixture of Gold and Black. The material contains 12% pure gold for better look and quality.

04. Cherry Blossom
『 Cherry Blossom 』 is known as “sakura” in Japanese. A symbol of renewal and hope, cherry blossom heralds the arrival of spring. The pattern leaves of flowers are carefully sticked by hands.


DAQI Option Addition!
Buy cage cover pouch to protect the cage as bright as a new one.




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