My reliable friend, Rhino Hammer.
Meet the Rhino on the desk.

mufun animal figure

Handmade woodcraft products,
Opportunity to experience Mufun’s objet.


The World’s Fanciest Tool

Are those deers nippers and flyers? Dear deer has maintained its reputation for always using advanced materials and providing long-lasting products. A craftsman, who was considered to be one of the best in Taiwan founded Dear deer.

Workshop that is equipped with the warm sense of wood

Mufun design studio has been dedicating to share the happiness that creative woodcraft gives. The designers, who are interested in wood have gathered to put, familiarity of leather with the warmth of wood, to the product. Shining than imagination, see the story of mufun.

How come can this tiny Giraffe be a screwdriver!

Our home is a cozy and warm place that is wholly designed with the most beautiful products. Yet tools like hammer, driver and nipper are put in different places that we may sometimes cannot find and become confused.