Boatman pen&clip holder

Hey dark stuff on my desk!
Come closer to the boatman.

Let Make-Up Our Life!✌😉

Super print stickers!


As you wish, as you say

The various cube on top of the waffle – moves easily and softly. This is what we wanted! The most innovative diary in the universe – Waff. Meet the products that attracted huge age groups in Entire Europea and Asia.

Everybody! Do Takku

Do you know “Takku”? it is just the abbreviation of ornamentalization. It turns out there are many people whose hobby is “Takku”. Therefore, for our customer with that hobby, we brought the last generation of diary designing – Miccudo print.

Come come come here!

Hey dark stuff on my desk come closer to the boatman. You could gather them in one boatman that has magnet inside. Hold your clips around the boatman and keep your pen on his one side – iThinking boatman pen&clip holder