Candle Powered LED lamp, LUMIR

Think developing countries with candle-powered eco-friendly LED lamp!



“Here is a LED lamp that is powered using a candle. Lumir C does not require a battery or any other external power supply to work. You can use it while camping or at your bedside.”


When Jay Park, the founder of Lumir, young Seoul-based designer, was traveling in India in 2014, he was shocked to find out that blackouts are so frequent and that the vast majority living in the rural regions of India and the Philippines still lack regular access to electricity. They still rely on the candlelights to brighten their home, but it is not sufficient to lead an everyday life. He wanted to create a practical and easy lighting which is accessible to everyone. So, he took a candle as a core source for the product, Lumir.


The team at Lumir focused on the fact that most of the energy in a burning candle is through heat. Thanks to the research of the team, Lumir can help developing countries with candle-powered LED lamp now.

Lumir C is shaped by a lighthouse that lights up a dark sea which required no batteries or cords.

By using the idea of converting a temperature difference between two other types of semiconductors directly into electricity, the Lumir C lights up an LED with only heat displaced from a candle and, not an external power supply.

In 2016, on Kickstarter, Lumir C—targeted at home deco hunters and lovers of design—raised almost $133,600 in funds, with 1,062 backers pledging more than twice in excess of the original $50,000 crowdsourcing goal.



In the interview with BLOUINARTINFO, he talked about his biggest hope for Lumir.

“Light is a fundamental thing of life. I want to make a product that not just brightens people’s houses but helps them to do something, such as to make an income, or study at night by our light. One challenge is that we cannot get direct feedback from the locals, whom we designed the lamp for. Instead, we are getting feedback through the NGO we work with. We have to run the business in our office in South Korea and can’t stay away for long.”

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