Candle Powered LED lamp, LUMIR

Think developing countries with candle-powered eco-friendly LED lamp!



“Here is a LED lamp that is powered using a candle. Lumir C does not require a battery or any other external power supply to work. You can use it while camping or at your bedside.”


When Jay Park, the founder of Lumir, young Seoul-based designer, was traveling in India in 2014, he was shocked to find out that blackouts are so frequent and that the vast majority living in the rural regions of India and the Philippines still lack regular access to electricity. They still rely on the candlelights to brighten their home, but it is not sufficient to lead an everyday life. He wanted to create a practical and easy lighting which is accessible to everyone. So, he took a candle as a core source for the product, Lumir.


The team at Lumir focused on the fact that most of the energy in a burning candle is through heat. Thanks to the research of the team, Lumir can help developing countries with candle-powered LED lamp now.

Lumir C is shaped by a lighthouse that lights up a dark sea which required no batteries or cords.

By using the idea of converting a temperature difference between two other types of semiconductors directly into electricity, the Lumir C lights up an LED with only heat displaced from a candle and, not an external power supply.

In 2016, on Kickstarter, Lumir C—targeted at home deco hunters and lovers of design—raised almost $133,600 in funds, with 1,062 backers pledging more than twice in excess of the original $50,000 crowdsourcing goal.



In the interview with BLOUINARTINFO, he talked about his biggest hope for Lumir.

“Light is a fundamental thing of life. I want to make a product that not just brightens people’s houses but helps them to do something, such as to make an income, or study at night by our light. One challenge is that we cannot get direct feedback from the locals, whom we designed the lamp for. Instead, we are getting feedback through the NGO we work with. We have to run the business in our office in South Korea and can’t stay away for long.”



Only for Companion Animal.




Howly is a cosy pet bed for the home. It has a steel frame to provide sufficient stability. This can easily be removed for storage. The inner padding is made of waterproof fabric and offers protection against potential “accidents” the pet may have. The cover of the enclosed cotton cushion, which has even been scented to repel dust mites and ticks, is removable.

Statement by the jury of reddot award 2016

»With its equally stylish as well as high-quality design, the Howly pet bed is a chic addition to all manner of different interiors.«

As an in-house designers, Jung Geun Ahn and Dong Ryul Lim handed in their resignation at Samsung Electronics and founded HOWLPOT.

HOWLPOT believes in the idea that “the same design value used for products for humans has to be applied to the products for companion animals” Than’s exactly right. If you see their full range of products at, you’ll probably understand what it means.

As Korean pet accessories brand, it was not easy to make high-priced pet accessories. But HOWLPOT’s products are different from others. Their beds, collars, and accessories have been designed with your dog’s utmost comfort in mind, down to the very last detail. And whenever you see one of those products at your home, you feel comfortable as well. The fabric material and the soft colors should make you relax.


If you are the animal lovers, visit and pick something for your lovely pet.

Rainy Pot by Dailylife Lab


Rainy Pot: Now Your Flowers Can Have Their Very Own Rain Clouds



Korean designer, Jeong Seungbin from the DailyLife Lab came up with a brilliant little treat for the plants – the Rainy Pot. This wall-hung appliance has a cute cloud-shaped water filter that turns water into small raindrops.

Your beautiful indoor gardening wall plant pots have undergone a fantastic makeover by him in the form of this Rainy Pot.


It’s a stunning plant pot that has transformed the entire chore of watering your plants into a fun and visually pleasing activity.


The cloud can hold around 80ml of water and the little pot can be unplugged and drained. It is evenly distributed to the plant without overloading the pot, so the plant gets just the right amount of water.

The Rainy pot is simple to use and is a fun way to water your plants. Once you fill the cloud shaped basin with water, it will gently create a small rain shower for your plants and keep them healthily watered that way. It’s available in blue color and is a great way by which you can actually bring a special side of green nature inside your home. Let greenery thrive indoors with the classic spirit of nature by its side.

Rainy Pot began as an entry in the 2013 Red Dot Design Award event. According to Seungbin, “The gentle effect of raindrops is less stressful for plants than having a torrent of water poured on it from a cup” or basic watering can. Rainy Pot is cute, no doubt, but also stylish enough to merge into most any interior decor scheme.



“It’s brilliant!”


Spread the Love of NANUM through the world –


Non-electric aroma humidifier, LOVEPOT changed the world

A brilliant design with good intentions is always a winner. For the design part, LOVEPOT is a non-electric humidifier plus aroma dispenser. It includes a tissue ball made from laminated wool felt to maximize evaporation in limited volume. Another point in favor of the wool felt is that it absorbs water very fast, and launders well. For the intentions part: this about $30 pot is for the Nanum project, Nanum means “Sharing”, and where 100% of the profits go as a charity to provide educational scholarships to impoverished children. All of us should think about both design and our society. 





 The LOVEPOT is a humidifier which is clean, non-electric, eco-friendly and an aroma releaser.

It was designed for the “Nanum” project, which is a charitable project to donate all profits (US$ 1.0M) to educational scholarships for needy children.

1. Eco, hygiene-friendly: easy to clean, Healthy, non-electric humidifier.

2. Honeycomb structured tissue ball: non-toxic laminated wool used to maximize evaporation.

3. Symbolizing: a heart symbol shape of the tissue ball in a pot symbolizing planting, growing and bearing love.

4. Design social responsibility: a great example of charitable product design for philanthropic purpose.

iThinking Dear Deer Pliers (from KICKSTARTER)


Dear Deer Pliers

– The Incarnation of Elegance


It’s all about creating more surprises and sharing the fun to home.

Inspired by many sweet houses, mixing the tenderness outline and hand tools in one, Dear Deer is the simple pair of pliers that could help you solving little problems properly yet adorns the place you love.

As Feature In

Designed with the full developed shape. Dear Deer laying and standing position with those antler pliers, revealing a unique softness, elegance yet strong personality to be a great item for the house and office.

Based on the consideration of house tools, the best level of stainless steel 420 are chosen to provide great anti-rust factor from the inside. Besides, the TPR handles gives more non-skid property and comfort while doing those DIY properly.    

The specially designed body structure offers a great container for those pliers in both resting and standing positions. The exquisite size is also suitable for the little extra space in the house or office.

Design and Development


The Deer shape is a process of rebuilding and arrangement to make it the soft while stylish outline. As a result of we making the body and we really want those antlers to be in good use, thus we designed antlers pliers accordingly.The produce is tough for we are making it be as good as other well-developed ones while beautiful at the same time.

  • Craft and Quality


Taiwan is well-known for making and exporting one of those best quality professional hand tools from the 70s. While this is the best experience for us cooperating with Taiwanese Professional Hand Tools Makers.

  • 2016 Design Award

And it’s our honor to tell you that our Dear Deer has won 2016 Golden Pin Design Award product design section. And she’s ready to meet you!


Why Dear Deer

We’ve always want tools to be loved all the time as helper and decorations.To make the helpful tools more accessible to us, to change the destiny of easy misplaced, or missing, we created Dear Deer to fit in every kind of creative lifestyle.


We are trying along the way of iThinking’s products. From Penguin screwdriver, Bear papa ratchet screwdriver, to Rhino Hammer and now Deer Pliers. There’re more and more options burst out from our ultimate creativity.

Rhino Hammer

We believe there will be more great marriage in design and utility, we can bring more surprises and the possibilities from it used to be.

A graceful deer is truly attractive with those antlers goes perfectly with the pliers!


Developing timeline

  • Kickstarter Start!
  • Week 1-6: Production of tools and deer body.
  • Week 7: Collect and organize backers information.
  • Week 4-8: Continue producing, packing and dispatch to backers.
  • Week 9-11: Shipping Dear Deer to the world.
  • Getting those Deer!

P.S. If everything goes well and everybody promptly sends us back the backers survey in a week, we can tell you for sure to make those deer arrive your house before Dec.20th to be with you in the special elegant Christmas!


The Package

Every Deer is protected in package design for safely shipping, suitable for no matter a gift or a treat for yourself 😉

Why do we need Crowd-Funding on Kickstarter?

As a second try presenting on Kickstarter, we need support from the crowd for Dear Deer to run in a factory, industrial tooling, packaging, marketing and so on.

You must notice that an elegant tool is a totally unprecedented try. To test those pliers, we kept on regulating every part including machine and our design to achieve the best quality. The factory we cooperate with also paused the production line for us to test and make arrangements again and again. All these are to make the best of our product.

To finish the new trial, we must order new mold, new processing tools, facilities and revise production. Face the reality and manufacturing cost, we have no way but a request for a small order, in addition, to ask for unique products while high quality one. It’s quite expensive making new and good stuff yet we believe it will bring relevant value to itself. Because it’s unusual, it stands out.

First, we need your support. At the same time, what we want the most is sharing with the creative crowds and hear different voices from all over the world. You will receive Dear Deer at a one and only special discount Kickstarter price as big thanks in return.

We committed to creating more choices for you to have an item you like that can be part of the exquisite decoration and part of a useful tool. What we have faith in is cheering you up with more fun and creative ideas for your lifestyle.


Meet Dear Deer!

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Earhoox – The Earbud Cure (from INDIEGOGO)





Clara puts earhoox to the test




For those with the new EarPods…

earhoox™ for EarPods (Coming Soon!)


Every supporter will receive…



Who are earhoox™ designed for?

earhoox™ are designed for everyone, with athletes in mind. The team took to the drawing board to solve a common problem, and focused on how individuals move with their music and their earbuds. We found that running, and intense exercise are a great reason pop in a pair of earhoox™, but that life is a great reason to keep them in. Whether wearing them for comfort, security, or style, earhoox™ will be there for you.

Where do I specify the color I want?

Please leave a comment with your color choice.

Where do I specify the clothing size I want?

Please leave a comment with your size choice.

What am I supporting?

The earhoox™ team has two goals for this project to fund. First, we plan to fund the production molds required to produce thousands of earhoox™ for the earhoox™ fan base! Secondly, we plan to fund the design and production of retail packaging that suits our brand, and that we would be proud to display on shelves in stores around the world.

How do earhoox™ work?

earhoox™ have two main features: the tire and the shark fin tip. Made of durable silicone, the tire stretches around any circular earbud to create a snug fit that keeps earhoox™ in place at all times. The shark fin tip comes in two sizes, Large & Small, which provides a flexible shape to apply outward pressure and traction to key points of the ear. Together, the tire and shark fin tip transform your ordinary earbuds and elevate your listening experience.

How do I know which size I am?

Every set of earhoox™ comes with a pair in both sizes: Large and Small. We haven’t found an ear that doesn’t fit one of these sizes! So when you receive your set, try on both, pick a preference and then share the other pair with a different sized friend!

“I love it, so what now?”

Jump over to the perks section on the right hand side. We have created a bunch of options for you, and we hope you find one that suits you as well as earhoox™ themselves will. If you don’t, and you have an idea or a request, just shoot us an email at!


Anthony’s custom color, Fierce Red.

What are the risks?

We want our supporters to love earhoox™ forever…so we made sure to mitigate as many risks as possible leading up to our launch:

• earhoox™ have already been fully designed, prototyped and tested! We’ve seen how our ‘testers’ love them and we know you will too!

• Some of our testers have been consistently wearing their earhoox™ for the past 6 months with no signs of wear, so we know they can withstand a beating!

• We’ve developed a great relationship with our manufacturer during our exhaustive prototyping phase. They are ready to ship as soon as we hit our funding goal!

• Our manufacturer is prepared to fulfill our expected goal – but they are also prepared to fulfill a much larger order (while maintaining quality) if earhoox™ are a wild success!

• If any setbacks were to occur during the fulfillment process, we would keep our supporters very informed via personal messages and our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)

With that said, we do believe our final challenge to overcome is getting the word out. earhoox™ needs to reach a lot of people to be successful. We’ve asked all our friends and family to spread the word, but that’s not enough. With so many great projects out there, we’re asking everyone to please share earhoox™ with your friends!

Photo Credits: Somar Productions and Promotions

Video Credits: Gravity Sleeps


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MegaTiny Megaverse Anti-gravity case (from INDIEGOGO)


Now with more nano-suction surface area, new colors and swappable backplates, the MEGAVERSE™ Anti-Gravity Case™ is one case with many uses!

The MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity Case sticks even better to windows, mirrors, whiteboards, metal, kitchen cabinets, tile, flat car dashboards and more!

NEW! Swappable MegaBack™ plates allow you to add a leather wallet, shatter-proof mirror or bottle opener to the back of your case in seconds!

Hands-Free Fun and More…

The nano-suction back on the MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity Case allows you to take hands-free photos and video just about anywhere.

Slap on the new Bottle Opener MegaBack and you’ll be
the most popular person at the party!

The Wallet MegaBack keeps your cards and cash convenient and secure.

Keep the Mirror MegaBack handy so you’re always ready for your close up!

The nano-suction back of the MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity Case is for more than just selfies.

It’s great for the kitchen when you need to keep a recipe handy.

Watch streaming video or listen to music just about anywhere!

The MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity Case feels great in the hand,
has a slim profile and protects against drops!


Every MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity Case now includes four color backplates (Gold, Rose Gold, Space Gray and Black) to protect your nano-suction case when you’re not using it hands-free!




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iThinking Rhino Hammer (from KICKSTARTER)

‘Exquisite, unusual idea!’   ‘Cool tool that I need!’  ‘Best creative object for study room.’  ‘The Rhino has a sense of design.’

 Our goal is to make more tools to be loved and cherished as stylish object, create a unique pattern with great functionality as possible. Therefore, we convert the natural biology prototype into our shape and match with special mechanical structure.

The body of the Rhino is made of aluminum which is light and rust resistant. The ears part is made of rubber to distinguish it from the solid part, and gives it a sense of softness. The hamming surface uses stainless steel to strengthen the practical aspect and its stripes surface increases its quality.The head part includes an extendable holder which can be pulled out from a strong magnetic snap. It can be extended by a clockwise rotate and stored by an opposite operating way.

The size of Rhino Hammer is much smaller than normal hammers in order to enhance its storage capabilities in the house or office as a stylish decoration.

You are going to have fun and be amazed by using Rhino Hammer. Also you may use the rhino as a bookend or paperweight since it provides enough weight.

We figured out that there are scenarios involving a hammer or other tools that we somehow took an inappropriate stuff instead but it didn’t work efficiently at all. Why is this situation happens? It’s probably that we don’t quite remember where we put last time and we’re somehow lazy to finding it out. This is the main direction of our thinking …

One of the big ideas developing Rhino Hammer is that we realized it’s smarter and faster using the right tools and better it’s convenient to reach like other decorations.

So, to make the helpful tools more accessible in a obvious place, to change the destiny of easily missing for misplaced after helping us, and to provide you more choices for your personalize tools, we made Rhino Hammer.

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